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Main Exhibitor Applications have now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied.


The Contemporary Craft Festival has become one of the largest and most prestigious shows to be part of in the UK. The online application forms are available now. Please scroll down to the bottom and register below.  Stand packages start from £395 + VAT in the Festival marquees and £195 + VAT for One Year On.

With a lively and inspirational atmosphere, the Festival has built up a loyal following of over 8000 visitors and we represent nearly 200 of the UK’s finest designer makers which includes the One Year On marquee. One Year On is a specially designed area for businesses in the early stages of their career. The event is set in a marquee village in idyllic parkland on the edge of Dartmoor in South Devon with excellent transport links via road, train and air. One Year On is dedicated to emerging makers in the first year of practise. We represent over 200 designer makers from the UK and Ireland.  All exhibitors are selected for quality by industry professionals.

One Year On showcases approximately 20 makers in their own dedicated marquee. The aim of One Year On is to support  fledgling careers and to encourage and promote the wealth of creative talent we have in the UK. Stands in One Year On are offered at much reduced rate to The Contemporary Craft Festival's main marquee and will create an outstanding opportunity for businesses of one year or less (Business must have started since January 2013) One Year On Application Criteria: You are a graduate, students still in education at February 1st deadline may not apply. You are in your first year of business which commenced after January 1st 2013. All Applications criteria: You are resident in the UK or Ireland. Your work shows a dedication to quality of making, presentation and originality. You make any of the following: ceramics, glass, textiles, Jewellery, metal, wood, plastics, mixed media, leather, recycled materials and paper. NO painting, photography or musical instruments. Greetings cards are only accepted as part of a range, not the sole product. WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY to The Contemporary Craft Festival? The Contemporary Craft Festival is open to designer makers resident in the UK and Ireland working to the highest standard in ceramics, glass, textiles, jewellery, metal, wood, plastics, mixed media, stone, leather, recycled materials and paper. We do not accept painting, photography, graphic design and musical instruments. Greetings cards are accepted as part of range but not the sole product. See One Year On criteria above for eligability.

DEADLINE: The Contemporary Craft Festival NOVEMBER 29th 2013

DEADLINE: ONE YEAR ON 2 Feburary 2014.

TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL IMAGES? Quality of images is often a reason why good makers don't get selected. Is your image sharp and in focus? Can you clearly see the object? Avoid distracting backgrounds. Make sure the image isn't too dark or too light. Please think about what your selected images say about your work. Don’t be tempted to send in contrasting pictures of different ranges. Selectors prefer to see a coherent body of work. The selection of images you choose will also be used for promotional purposes and all images will need to be good quality and clear. The 72dpi images will be used for presentation to the Selection Panel. All six images will be projected to the selection panel at the same time. The 300dpi images will be used for  promotional purposes. IMAGE FORMAT You wil need to upload Six 72dpi low resolution and Six 300dpi high resolution images for selection, via our online appliaction form. Each image should be labelled with your name For example: Jane Smith 72.jpg and Jane Smith 300.jpg. Please file each group of 6 in separate folders, eg Jane Smith 72, Jane Smith 300. Digital images must be saved as JPEG files and should have the suffix .jpg. Do not try and send more than 6. They should be the same images in 72 and 300dpi. Your 72dpi images should be approx 6 x 9cm and 300dpi, 30 x 40cm max. Your application must be received by 6pm on November 29th 2013. Late applications will not be accepted.

FAQ about applications I cant change the dpi. Most cameras are set up to take images in 300dpi.  Remember you can always reduce the resolution and file size but you will not be able to increase it.  You can change the dpi in Photoshop.   If you do not have Photoshop you should still be able to reduce the image size and resolution using any Mac or Microsoft picutre editor programme with either an edit or resize function. The system will not accept file sizes larger than 600KB for low res and 4MB for high res, so you will need to make a set of reduced size images under 600kb and as close to the recommended dimensions as possible.

My images do not work in your dimensions: The dimensions are a guide only.  If images lose quality in the recommended sizes by all means make them a little larger or smaller. However please think about the size you are sending your low res images.   A4 is the largest size we could ever use an image except in VERY rare instances.  We use the low resolution images  for a powerpoint presentation to be viewed on a big screen by the selection panel.  We get lots of images of around 100cm. These are great for roadside banners but the powerpoint cannot cope with them!    Please try to keep the low res images close to 6 x 9cm. If you really cannot reduce your image size make sure your application arrives well in advance of the deadline so that we have time to work on them.

I have changed the images to jpgs but they are still unacceptable: Check they have really converted to jpg -   Open in properties and check there are no words or letters after the file extension .jpg  In most cases this can be solved by renaming the image xxxx.jpg

My images have uploaded but the form will not submit/ the form freezes on a certain box: Another application is being uploaded at the same time.  Try again in a few minutes.  This happens alot as we approach the deadline - again we advise getting your application in early to avoid frustration!

Can I apply for One Year On & the Contemporay Craft Festival? yes, in the event that you are selected in both areas you can choose where you would like to have your stand. All applicants will be informed of the Selection Panel’s decision in writing. As we have so many entries we cannot discuss individual applications and the selection panel’s decision is final.

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